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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Save Money on Hotel Booking

Most of the people these days go for the giant agencies or the trusted agents to get their bookings done and mostly end-up paying more for putting their trust in wrong hands. It is often advised by the expert travelers to always compare the prices between travel agencies and hotel groups to find the best quote and get the bookings done after finding what is best suitable for your trip. There are an abundant number of reputed as well as start-up travel agencies that allow you to book your hotel accommodation on seasonal sale, special discount and other offers exclusively available in the market to outshine others and give you a dream getaway you always wanted.

Hotel accommodations located near the prominent sites and attractions are costlier than the hotels and resorts located in other parts of the city. Whereas the prominent locality may give you the edge of exploring the attractions with a few blocks of walking, the hotels located farther are willing to offer you more at lower prices to get your attention as well as to give you the finest quality of stays. Hotels near the biggest landmarks and prime localities are often found packed throughout the seasons and require advance booking procedure which also pays a big contribution in higher prices. If you book your hotel room in places that are a little away from these major sites and are located at less prominent places, you will surely find some quality accommodation at lower plans.

While paying or at the time of booking, we often forget to take other sources into account which can be more beneficial for us and often miss the opportunity to save a little extra while booking a hotel stay. These days, when organization is racing to get your attention and business from you, they also give you some privilege of getting cash-backs, discounts and other perks and leverages while using their special and exclusive membership options. Many banks and card companies these days give some special offers while collaborating with the travel agencies and give some cash-back as well as discounts on transaction of a certain minimum amount. Usage of these offers can also give you some extra benefits to ensure some more savings on the hotel booking.

Family Alpine Cycling

Around the Lakes

The regions around Lake Annecy and Lake Constance – the first in France and the second touching the borders of three separate countries – both offer relatively tame paths for beginners to cut their teeth on Alpine cycling. With manifestly scenic vistas and a few small towns to explore, as well as some surprisingly adequate freshwater beaches, either of the two lakes’ surrounding regions will undoubtedly make for an excellent location for a day’s worth of biking.


Tirol is another excellent region of the Alps in which to gently break novices into the intricacies of Alpine cycling. The area offers over 900km of signposted bike paths, most of which criss-cross the region’s breathtaking valleys; but the highlight is undoubtedly the 500km long Inn Cycle Path, one of Europe’s premier biking routes. Combining stunning scenery with an accessible nature, this route is ripe for exploring by adventurous families on holiday in the region. Alternatively, parents and children can choose to tackle the route going from Sud Tirol (South Tirol) to Trentino, which crosses the Italian countryside and provides plenty of opportunities to taste the local food and drink.

Cheese Country

Finally, a trip through Switzerland’s ‘cheese country’ is sure to delight families of foodies. Towns such as Gruyere and Gstaad are located along a path with a generally low gradient, which presents the added incentive of running parallel to stunning lakeside vistas and river valleys.

Westgate Resorts

We faced west and enjoyed sunset views from our screened and furnished balcony. A great treat. We could not see the Big Sand Lake from Building 6 but the pool view after dark was very pleasant with lots of landscape lighting. The master bath was great, and special, with a shower and separate Jacuzzi that had a 2 step surround and was at least 6 ft x 6 ft.

There was a private room for the toilet. The king bed was comfortable. The upholstered easy chair was also comfortable. There was plenty of natural light from the balcony which you could enter privately. There was also access to the balcony from the LR. The balcony was spacious. Easily enough room for the padded recliner that you could extend in either direction. It was equipped with a dining table and 4 chairs that were standard issue. The 5 paddle ceiling fan was never needed. We ate late dinners and early breakfasts out on the balcony every day. Loved it (and the wonderful weather that we were blessed with). March weather in Orlando can be nasty.

I liked the design of the Westgate resorts condo that allowed the 2nd bath to be accessed from either the 2nd BR or from the hall (yes, 2 entrance doors). It was a full bath too, with a shower/bathtub combination. Nice size sink/vanity area too, with good lighting and ventilation.

The kitchen was fully equipped and we put it to the test, cooking every night. The laundry was located in a convenient closet behind the kitchen with shelving and full size washer and dryer. The condition of all appliances in our condo was near new. The full size refrigerator included an efficient ice making freezer. The oven, microwave, and garbage disposal all worked properly. The base cabinets were cheap plywood and the doors didn’t align. No big deal to me.

Our only maintenance call while on vacation at Westgate Resorts involved the electric stove top element which was quickly replaced. I asked for a roasting tray and received a brand new one still in the shrink wrap within 20 minutes of my phone call. The 50 inch TV in the LR was a great treat. There were smaller TVs in each bedroom. I cannot recall if any of them were flat screen.

Summary- Westgate Resorts have a winner in this property. The location is convenient to everything and especially to the I-4 in both directions. There is a Super Walmart only a few minutes away. Many restaurants are in the area too and lots of shopping. We had rented a car so I have no comment about the free shuttle services that are provided.

You cannot easily walk to anything that is off the Westgate Property so keep this in mind in case you intend to not rent a car. I found the Westgate Resorts Staff at this location to be very friendly, even cheerful. The many high rise buildings looked to be in good shape. The lobby area was tastefully set up. I visited many of the pools and each was clean and there were plenty of recliners and chairs and umbrellas.

Landscaping was mature and tasteful. The hardscape was very well maintained, showing lots of update activity. The walkways along the lake was a great treat for early morning walks, and the grill areas looked to be in good shape too, although I did not use any, as they were located far away from our building. The location of a grill located at lakeside in a beautiful wooded setting was a destination that I added to my “next time” to do list!

Select A Holiday Villa

If you love the beach, then choosing a beachfront villa may be the best choice to make. Consider the kind of views you stand to enjoy from your villa and then select the most appropriate for the person you are. The best thing about holiday villas is that they are designed to meet with the demands of the holidaymakers and hence most are strategically located to offer the kind of views they love. If you have decided to travel during peak season, try as much as possible to make your bookings early so you are able to be among the first people to choose to get the kind of villa you want before the demand shoots.

The villas are generally like holiday homes and are therefore designed to host families and groups. The holiday destinations have the villas in different sizes so that you get to select a size that works for the demands in terms of the number of people you are taking with you for the holidays. Think about the number of rooms in relations to the number of people so you are sure that the sleeping arrangements will be comfortable for everyone that you will be tagging along. Important to remember is that the size of the villa can have an effect on the charges so make sure that apart from it being good enough for you, you can actually afford it in terms of the length of time you wish to spend at the destination.

Because villas are created to be holiday homes, you are most likely to find everything that is essential during a holiday. You will have a fully equipped and functional kitchen at your disposal and you will also have other items like towels, hairdryers, bed linens, toiletries, AC systems and others provided for. But is it important that you do not assume that you will get everything ready and waiting for you. Always find out in advance what will be provided for so you can pack for the holiday accordingly or make other necessary plans to make sure that you have everything you need throughout your stay.